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Living as an Expat in Lusaka, Zambia

Living as an Expat in Lusaka, Zambia

Expats living in Zambia know that it is a heavenly Christian nation. Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia, and a significant number of expats prefer living here. The excellent accommodation services and transport facilities in Lusaka attribute to such preference.

Lusaka has housing facilities with open spaces and gardens which most expats prefer. Besides, the upmarket areas of Lusaka have various types of houses especially the stand-alone houses. However, it is important to note that there are also old houses which need structural repair.

The prevailing trend among expats in Lusaka is the renting of properties instead of buying. The pattern results from the short nature of relocation among expats especially those working in the mines. Nevertheless, expats should know that some who opt to pay for their accommodation feel the pinch as the housing cost is relatively expensive. However, considering the high salaries or wages expats earn, this often off-set the cost.

Recently, getting accommodation facilities in Lusaka has been challenging. This is because of the recent development of more secure cluster developments. Therefore, some expats opt for apartments within Lusaka. The cluster developments often have swimming pool, space for gym and other recreational amenities. Besides, expats should beware that apartments that are majorly occupied by expats have high security. Leases for expats living in Zambia are available for at least one year. However, there are also short-term leases.

The hurdles of life that expats experience in their native countries are also in Lusaka. Expats should note that Lusaka experience traffic congestion but the intensity varies depending on the dates of the month. Usually, after end month the congestion is high as many people have been paid and can afford fuel. However, there are other routes that one can follow and avoid the traffic congestion.

Expats in Lusaka can easily connect with other expats whom they share similar interests. In case you get a transfer by an organization or firm to work in Zambia, you are likely to be guided by your employer. If you are stuck, you can check the local dailies since they usually list rental properties within Lusaka and other parts of Zambia. However, the most recommended method of finding accommodation is by visiting the property and assessing its conditions.

Before signing a lease, it should be clearly stated to the expats who will be responsible for maintenance of the property.

Social Factors for expats in Lusaka to consider

As previously stated, security of the property and proper documentation are essential. Besides, expats who have children should consider the proximity of social amenities such as schools, hospital and recreational centers. Zambia has a rich cultural heritage that you should explore during weekends or while on vacation. Traveling in Lusaka and exploring the city will transform you from being an expat to an expat guide!


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