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Zama Events Security

Zama Events Security is a registered company specialised in security systems such CCTV & Surveillance, Access Control, Time Attendance, Intercoms, Alarm, Electric Fencing, Safety Equip, Physical security & Events Security Services & etc.


Phone: +260 979450000

Email: [email protected]

    • Security& Alarms. 10 most common home security services / issues:
      • Bad locks used on exterior doors
      • Inadequate reinforcement of door frames
      • Poor or no locking hardware on windows and sliding doors
      • Alarm system installed but not working or not system at all
      • Bad telephone lines for Intrusion Alarm System
      • Bad garage door vulnerability
      • Fire alarms not working or non-existent
      • Installation of new security and alarm systems
      • Security gates and outdoor lightning

    Review of security of your home


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