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An AC Installation Guide

An AC Installation Guide

There are many electrical appliances in Zambia that you can put together by just going through their guide, and you would not desire external help for their assembly or installation. But a split Air conditioner is not one of them, and its installation is a crucial job. Inaccurate installation can lead to many problems in the future, like improper cooling effects and malfunctions; a bad installation might also lead to a lot of maintenance issues.

One has to consider tons of different factors while AC’s are installed in their rooms.

  • Air conditions possess a lot of weight; therefore, the walls you choose to install a split must be strong enough to hold their weight.
  • Ensure that the indoor split unit has proper spacing with the roof and surrounding walls, a 15 cm space is required for proper airflow.
  • For effective cooling and desired results, place the indoor unit at the height of 7-8 feet above the ground.
  • Sunlight or water are equally damaging to all electrical appliances. The same goes for split units; both its outdoor and indoor units should be placed in an area where they will be unbothered by sunlight and water. Open space around the outdoor unit is compulsory for heat dispersion.
  • The major components of a split air conditioner’s exterior unit are the fan motor, compressor, and condenser, among others. Therefore, it must be placed on a rigid and flat surface; otherwise, it will generate excessive vibration, copper pipe breaks, compressor damage, and coolant leaks are all possible outcomes. In addition, vibration produces loud notes that can frustrate your neighbors and disturb you too.
  • The spacing between the outdoor and interior units must be maintained since it is critical to their optimal operation. The coolant flows inside the copper tubes between outdoor and indoor units at a very low temperature, and the cooling compromises a little when the refrigerant flows between the units. As a result, suitable spacing should be maintained while installing both units to minimize this loss. A maximum of 15 meters should be permitted between outdoor and interior units.

Suppose all these installation guidelines are followed properly and with regular maintenance. In that case, the split units perform to their maximum strength, and you will achieve the desired cooling and enjoy your ACs for a longer period.


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