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Tips For Resolving AC Leakage Issue

Tips For Resolving AC Leakage Issue

In Zambia Air Conditioners are delicate appliances normally they have a warranty of a year and it is maintained by the company within warranty period but once the warranty is over they charge you a lot of money to repair even slight damage. The most common problem that many AC owners register to us is water leakage. Air conditioners leak water to improper drainage set up, or due to damaged condensation systems.

AC leakage can be damaging for the indoor areas of your house and sometimes the damage can be catastrophic. You can’t fix this problem on your own and have to call the AC experts and our team ASAP is the best known AC leakage repair company known for its skilled technical staff.

How does AC leak water?

Improper draining through condensate results in water leakage, we are known to have a natural condensation process and the same phenomenon applies in the condenser of air conditioners.

AC is designed to dispose of this condensed water through an outdoor drainage system, when something goes wrong with this built-in drainage system then the water starts leaking into your home.

Reasons for faulty condensate system:

There could be numerous reasons causing a water leak in an air conditioner such as.

  • The drip tray is off-center, cracked or improperly angled.
  • The condensate drain is clogged as a result of particles in the air, resulting in drip tray overflow.
  • If you live in a location with high humidity and hot temperature conditions, or if you use your HVAC system frequently, you may require a condensate pump to remove the surplus water.
  • Ice is accumulating around the evaporator coil, causing it to melt too rapidly, an issue that might be caused by a variety of factors.

Don ‘t use your air conditioner if it’s causing a problem that could do major damage to the air conditioner and to your house too. You can clear out a clogged condensate drain on your own but it’s better let an expert technician handle the matter.


With regular maintenance you can avoid this problem of AC’s water leakage, schedule a monthly appointment with our professionals, they will visit your house for regular inspection and cleaning will be done through every visit. Changing the air filters on a monthly basis can easily resolve the water leakage issue because clogged air filters kill the warm airflow in the AC system, which decreases the overall efficiency of your Air Conditioner.


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